OMG I love !

| Sunday, May 17, 2009

The guys at Uberstox started talking about GTXO in February and published a stox alert to all the people on the private mailing list. This company deals in gps location hardware and software, you know the same kind that is used in your cell phone. There appeared to be HUGE potential. Right out the gate CodeAmber partnered with GTXO to use their tracking hardware. We immediately got in on this stock at $0.05 just like suggested. GTXO hovered for several weeks until an new Iphone App was released on April 30th, using their software/hardware. The stock shot straight up as everyone caught on and saw the momentum GTXO had. When May 11th came around GTXO saw a huge surge going up 800% from our original investment.

Now that's what I call an UBER PICK!